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They put ideas in our minds. They make us think. They make us feel a wide range of emotions. They grab our attention, compel us to act and encourage us to relay information to others. City Printing & Signs can create any type of visual medium you need, anywhere and anytime you need instant awareness of your brand or message. We’re a group of goal-oriented, skilled creatives who understand that printing and signage is not dead but needs to be approached with a fresh, innovative perspective that distinguishes us from the rest. We’ve built the foundation of our company on the premise that delivering customized services to clients should always exceed, not meet, their expectations. When customers see our company initials–CP&S–we want them to think of “Customer. Professional. Service.” first and City Printing & Signs last. It is the core principles that guide the work we provide every day.


Give plain, boring clothes expressive and unforgettable personalities with letters, words, graphic or other print types that say what you mean and mean what you say.


Banners capture the attention of even the most distracted person–they’re big, unavoidable, colorful and celebratory!

Barricade Graphics

Construction barricades transform vacant stores into unforgettable advertisements that will have customers lining up in crowds on opening day.


Make people want to read your booklets by attracting their attention with bold, arresting print graphics.

Digital & Off Set Printing

City Printing & Signs has perfected the art of copying and digital printing by providing the crispest lines, enhanced color vibrancy and superior quality available in the printing industry.

Design It

You tell us what you want and we’ll print it for you–whether it’s for a company promotional, point-of-purchase displays or a unique building wrap–design it and shine it!

Die-cut Vinyl & Decals

Get your message across with eye-catching, adhesive decals designed to stick to any surface and seize the attention of all wandering eyes.


From laminating services to mounting to binding, CP&S offers comprehensive finishing services to address all your print and signage needs.

Large Format

Nothing is too big for us to handle–we have the biggest printers and most ingenious minds in the business!

Look Books

Show off the finest fashion trends of the season with a full color booklet filled with images of head turning collections.


Timeless and irresistibly compelling, posters demand people’s attention because of their ability to present remarkable images, memorable text and meaningful ideas.

Trade Show Exhibits

Getting people to stop, look and listen to your message with awe-inspiring print mediums is a must for enjoying a successful trade show exhibit.


They cannot be ignored, neglected or refused–release the power signs that direct, inspire, startle and, best of all, advertise.