Ferguson Loses Big Hand to Feds in Final Full Tilt Showdown

Gambling the Farmville May Be in Your Future: Online Gaming Goes After Real Money

The fuzzy line between gaming and gambling online is getting fuzzier: the Silicon Valley developers behind popular social networking games like Farmville, Mafia Wars and Words with Friends have requested a Nevada online license that is gambling. San Francisco-based leading social media games designer Zynga says they are after market trends and want to be ready when on line gambling becomes appropriate in key states such as Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware to benefit from their market that is potential share.

‘There isn’t any question there was interest that is great all sorts of people in games of possibility, whether it really is for real money or virtual rewards,’ stated CEO of Zynga, Mark Pincus. The company failed to meet revenue expectations a year ago and is searching to gambling dollars online as being a new advertising strategy. They truly are not the only social media video gaming app developers to do so, either.

It Just Makes Dollars and Sense

The shift to gaming for bucks from just gaming that is plain enjoyable is a practical one: it means more revenues for gaming app designers. While the U.K. is already enjoying real-money gaming, it’s inevitable that the same trend will come to America once imminent legalization takes place in a few key states.

‘Gambling in the U.S. is controlled by several land-based casinos and some powerful Indian casinos,’ said Chris Griffin, CEO of the London- Continue reading “Ferguson Loses Big Hand to Feds in Final Full Tilt Showdown”