Can partners actually have stuck together during intercourse?

Can partners actually have stuck together during intercourse?

It feels like a scene from a sex comedy that is trashy. But stories to getting stuck while having sex have now been them might just be true with us for centuries – and some of.

An urgent situation day at medical center is not pleasant, but it is definitely not one thing you would like to take place after intercourse.

“It is perhaps perhaps not probably the most romantic closing a few can see right now,” claims Dr Aristomenis Exadaktylos, writer of a research of 11 many years of admissions to their medical center in Bern, Switzerland.

He along with his co-authors discovered lots of clients that has skilled issues after intercourse – migraines, heart problems, also amnesia. But asked regarding the BBC’s Health Check radio programme if he had run into an incident associated with female’s vagina clamping about the guy’s penis, he said “No” – and included that the theory ended up being most likely an metropolitan myth.

Two audience, nevertheless, had written in to dispute this.

Dangerous Intercourse

  • About 0.1% of ER admissions to University Hospital Bern occur as being outcome of intercourse
  • Between 2000 and 2011 a healthcare facility recorded 445 such instances
  • Among these, 308 instances (69%) had been male
  • All the patients (78%) had been younger than 40
  • A complete of 276 (62%) had a feasible illness
  • Fifty-five instances (12.4%) had been neurological, including frustration, amnesia and bleeding involving the mind and skull
  • Two clients had emergencies that are cardiovascular no penile fractures had been recorded

Supply: ” intimate emergency that is activity-related admissions: eleven many years of experience at a Swiss college hospital”, Journal of Emergency Medicine

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